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Real Estate Market Intelligence

View and analyze MLS real estate data using over 50 charts and reports.

RMI Reports are a competitive advantage for real estate agents:

  • Make a strong, data-driven case to sell at the correct price
  • Master new towns and market areas quickly and easily
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Fully Branded Suite of Business Generating
Reports, Charts, and Tools for Realtors

Trends Reports Icon

Trends Reports

Identify market trends with Active, Under Agreement, Sales, and Inventory Trends Reports.

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Price Band Reports

Identify differences in the market between price bands for accurate pricing and market direction. Run price bands by property type or for months of inventory.

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Closing Rate Reports

Gauge market strength with clising rate reports by price or month. Closing rate indicates the % of active listings that sell.

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Agent Sales Activity

Find out and / or present the listing and sales activity (or lack of sales activity) of any agent in your MLS(s). Review and present your own listing and sales activity.

Become an Expert in Any Market

Become an Expert in Any Market

RMI Reports can make you an expert

In today's market, agents are traveling outside their normal market areas to areas they don't know as well.

With RMI Reports, you can go to any marketplace and become a master of the marketplace.

Call it instant expertise.

Pricing Sellers Can't Argue With

Present sellers with a data driven case backing up your pricing.

Put your fact based pricing up against competiting agents' "feelings" about what the price should be.

Pricing Sellers Can't Argue With